Chili is a penguin that could be defined as a hopeless romantic. So, because the universe needs to balance itself from hos cheesy he can be, things fall randomly on top of him.





Lenny is a lemming that was not able to jump down a cliff like the rest of his migration and thus dreams of the day he will do it and ponders about his existence.






Mac is a cat that escaped from an old Black and White cartoon before he could be turned into Technicolor. Some think he could be mad, and some think he loves Mary Poppins just a little bit too much!





Casiopaeia is a turtle. And as all turtles, she’s wiser than most, never hurries too much and allows time to pass her by.






Alice arrived at Chili’s World when she decided not to follow the script and just be herself. She hasn’t regretted her decision!






The ant is always surprised about what happens around her. Everything is a new adventure!