Chili’s World process

Here is a step by step of how I draw a Chili’s World comic.

Step 1: Sketch
First of all I decide the arrangement of the panels, and then on a different layer I sketch loosely the comic. Then I convert the layer to a 30% oppacity so when I draw on top of it (in a new layer) this seems like pencil work. Step 2: Line Art
Then I digitally ink the sketch I did on the previous step, adding details and refining the linework.
Step 3: Color
In a new layer set to Multiply, I use the magic wand to select the areas (and sometimes cleaning it up with the laso tool), expand by a couple of pixels so the colors go under the linework. I then color away!
Step 4: Line colors + Extra color detail
Making a selection of the linework, in a new top layer I color every line that is not one of the main characters, to help add a little depth to the comic. I also take this opportunity to add extra color details like an extra shadow on the hair and stuff like that.
Step 5: Paper Texture + Copyright info
And last but not least, I have a folder with a paper texture and the copytight information for the comic, that I just drag and drop… and voilá! The comic is finished!
 You can see the final comic by clicking here.


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