Shackleton made the fusion of edgy technology and a Spanish tradition into the perfect Christmas gift, an iJam (iHam). This leg of ham wrapped in a totally Apple-esque look (complete with a “User Guide”, hardware, installation disc, and even a dedicated website) was an extremely successful campaign from a viral point of view. Even though it was sent to only 700 recipients, it went viral, generating over a million visits to their dedicated website and over 100,000 views to their YouTube video.

So at Wikreate we thought that this was a great opportunity for us to respond to a viral campaign with another viral campaign. Under the excuse that the iJam that they sent to us was not really a 5J (the maximum quality for the Spanish “jamon”, we decided to return it at the Genius Bar of the Apple Store in San Francisco.

As the iJam was not a real product, the people at the Genius Bar had never seen it… or even heard about it! The scene was filmed with two “hidden cameras” within the Apple Store. You have to see the video to believe it.

The Brief
Viral marketing is hot. At Wikreate we wanted to show clients and prospects that we mastered the discipline through a successful case study to prove the point and generate a lot of buzz and groundswell for ourselves.

The Solution – The idea
One of the few golden rules of Viral Marketing is tap onto an existing success, media and attention worthy by itself. We choose a successful viral marketing campaigns from our friends and partners at Shackleton: the iJam.

The Results

• 218,000 hits in YouTube and counting.
• Mentions in mainstream media and more than 100 blogs.
• visits multiplied by 10X.
• 135 congratulation emails.
• 5 RPP for Viral campaigns from clients and prospects.